Treatment Method

At Beginning Steps Therapy, the child is evaluated at the beginning of each treatment session.  The physical therapists then tailor each treatment plan to the individual child's needs and level of function.  A variety of treatment methods may be used to help your child reach his/her goals.  These methods may include: TheraSuit; Universal Exercise Unit; Sensory Integration; Neurodevelopment treatment (NDT), Myofascial Release, Functional Electrical Stimulation; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).  

What Should My Child Expect in Treatment?

Daily Treatment Activities May Include:

  • Warm up and deep tissue massage
  • Tone reduction and Sensory Integration techniques
  • Decrease pathological movement patterns
  • Increase active proper movement patterns
  • Stretching/strengthening specific muscle groups responsible for functional movement
  • Progressive resistance exercise
  • Balance, coordination, and endurance training
  • ​Transfers, functional activities and gait training

​Therapists may recommend and evaluate for adaptive equipment when necessary. 

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