TheraSuit Goals 

  • Improve and change proprioception
  • Reduce pathological reflexes
  • Restore proper patterns of movement
  • Provide external stabilization and weak muscles
  • Correct body alignment
  • Influence the vestibular system
  • Stimulate the brain to re-train the Central Nervous System
  • Provide tactile and sensory stimulation
  • Load the body with gravity type pressures
  • Accelerate the progress of newly learned movements and functional skills​

The TheraSuit

The TheraSuit is a soft dynamic proprioceptive orthosis used to align the body in an as close to normal position as possible.  Reestablishing correct postural alignment is critical in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function.  

The breathable suit is worn over a child's clothing and consists of a cap, vest, shorts, knee pads, and shoe attachments that are connected to each other through a system of elastic bands.  The TheraSuit can be worn in all positions i.e. sitting, hands and knees, kneeling, standing, etc.  When appropriate, the TheraSuit is an effective tool used with our intensive exercise program to accelerate the child's progress in treatment.

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